Barry Williams Official

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Barry Williams announced as the NEW spokesman for The Kobe Club.

Kobe Club was established by American Registered Wagyu breeders who are members of the American Wagyu Association to bring to the public our beef bypassing the middlemen, farm to table. We are located in the heart of the country in beautiful Missouri Ozark’s. Our inspiration is the result of a tremendous effort by Wagyu farmers and breeders who put in hard work and energy to raise these incredible animals.

From carefully selected breeding to careful DNA testing by American Wagyu Association, for many years, it is all done to ensure our customers receive the best beef available. Most of our beef is raised right here in America. We never sell any meat from other countries except Wagyu beef from Japan. Once you join you will have access to purchase Wagyu cuts imported from Japan – The Kobe Beef.

We never mix several animals beef in our burger meats. Only one animal at a time. None of our beef contains antibiotics, hormones or red dye. It is simply the finest beef at the best price available.


Watch video with Barry Williams America’s most reliable big brother, Greg, from the Brady Bunch !

Barry with William Neal of Kobe Club
barry williams